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Hello, 我是 Jessica


Jessica 畢業自波特蘭州立大學,主修社會學與社會工作。畢業後加入非營利組織,專為女性提供職涯、家庭、兩性關係等諮詢服務。去年她來到台灣,成為專職的英文老師。平時喜歡爬山、衝浪,最喜歡的電影是1987年的《公主新娘》。


Ya-Han Chang - Carol
2018年08月.世界的女性 ─ 現代生活中的性別關係
Love how teacher Jessica lead the conversation and also encourage students to share thoughts. Enjoyed the class a lot.

Azucena Chang
2018年07月.世界的女性 ─ 現代生活中的性別關係

Gung-Jin Lin
2018年07月.世界的女性 ─ 現代生活中的性別關係
I think we had good conversations in four lessons. The topics and articles are worthy of thinking. Also, they are interesting. However, I would like to discuss the issues directly, If students have some materials about the issues, maybe should be provided am access to the teacher for interaction. Let people have more to discuss. Overall, Jessica is a good and kind teacher, I hope to have more chance to discuss more social issues in her class.

Eva Sun
2018年07月.世界的女性 ─ 現代生活中的性別關係
Jessica gives us professional and deep discussion every week. Gender discussion is not easy for us, however she makes it interesting and attractive. Hope to see you soon.