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Hello, 我是 Kaidy Stautz


Kaidy 來自英國,畢業自劍橋大學,擁有心理學博士學位。從事學術研究幾年,他決定轉職教育,於英國取得英語教學執照 CELTA,目前是專職的英語老師。最喜歡的電影是1982年《銀翼殺手》。


Hsiao Mokki
2019年04月.The Guardian 英國衛報討論課

Rachel Chen
2019年04月.The Guardian 英國衛報討論課

2019年04月.心理學 vs. 現代人的生活
Kaidy is a very kind, patient and open minded person so you wouldn’t feel nervous or uncomfortable when talking or expressing your ideas to him. The class always goes smoothly and in a very structured way, if you’re a logical thinker you would love this. Given his academic background, it’s needless to say how professional he is in this area. Since this is a psychological class, be prepared to express your feelings (doesn’t have to be anything too personal) and thoughts a lot. Overall I highly recommend this class to anyone who’s either interested in psychology or behaviour economics. Or just anyone who would like to explore/learn more about himself/herself. This is a riveting class to take and probably the best I’ve taken in the past 5 years.

2019年03月.心理學 vs. 現代人的生活

Sean Wu
2019年03月.心理學 vs. 現代人的生活
MDT 特色之一是 老師不太會打斷學生發言,這樣也沒有不好。 不過我會建議MDT 可以落實分級,因為如果這是訂在高級的課程 同學程度如果明顯不到,這樣其實其他人被迫要聽很多 中式英語,覺得對學習沒有太大幫助。