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Hello, 我是 Jamie Rufe


Jamie 來自美國,畢業自 University of Pennsylvania,在亞洲的職場累計有八年工作經驗,於2016-2018年擔任鴻海董事長的英語秘書,曾為郭董撰文威斯康辛廠房破土儀式之演講稿。去年他重新回到學校,主修華語教學,是位兼具豐富商業經驗與教學專業的老師。


Yi-Jen Chang
Jamie is an excellent teacher. We read the shareholders letters from well-known enterprises and Jamie explained the business terms and expressions so we could better caught the idea of the business owners when they wrote the letters to the shareholders. This is definitely a course I would recommend to everyone!