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Hello, 我是 Drew


Drew 來自美國,畢業自 Temple University 主修電影,畢業後任職於電影與製片公司數年。2019年,為了追求更豐富的生命經驗,他來到台灣,成為專職的英文老師,擁有英國劍橋核發的英語教學認證CELTA,累計有4年以上教學經驗。


Amber Chang
Every class is well prepared. The way Drew breaks down movie genres and selects representative movies makes it fun to learn English . I really enjoyed it.

Danielle Liao

Wendy Kao

Hsin Mei Wang
I really enjoyed the course. It's fun to discuss different movie genres, and good to learn those native speaker vocabularies. The course is well organized, and Drew is a teacher with patience and sense of humor. For those who are interested in movies, who would like to learn to talk about movies in English, or who just want to brush up your English with fun, recommend this course.

Drew is an organized, witty, and always well-prepared teacher. I’ve gained different perspectives about viewing different genres of movies and met lovely classmates who are also movie fanatics like me! Highly recommended!

2021年05月.The Rise of Superheroes
1. 老師準備充足,準備問題並引導學生討論。 2. 用全新的角度去了解"英雄"故事。 3. 每週須利用課後時間閱讀教材並且有作業。

2021年04月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》
課堂上有很多口說機會,透過作業準備,也可了解許多關於料理的知識。 很有趣的課程。

Lynette Tsai

Nicole Kung
4堂課會覺得有點不太夠XDD Drew is a teacher with good patience. Every week he offers 2 movie genres list (including 6 movies) to watch. They are all good lists for movie beginner. Usually,students could find at least 2-3 movie that are really well known so it's not hard to catch up the list and class. For me,there's only one class, I hardly seen any of the movies. (The last class: black and epic movie.) I think for people who have heavy works, they should consider if they have time to see at least 2 moives a week. I think it will be fantastic if Drew can try giving 1-2 short articles to student before the class. So that he can make sure there's at least something common knowledge before each class. After all, it's a nice class to startup. Hope there's more time to talk deeper for those great movies.

Fang-Yi Lo
Movies are good conversation opener! Drew is well-prepared and provides detail explanation for the genres and concepts for each of the topics. I wish the class is longer (than 4 weeks) so that all the genres can be discussed more in depth. :)

Lex Chan
Drew is a well prepared teacher.He gives students many times to express their ideas.I learn how to organize my thoughts and know many knowledges of movie.

Stream Chen
2020年04月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》

2020年04月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》
從Drew選的影集,可以從名廚認識各式料理及常用描述單字。請同學輪流造句,可以開口練習以及認識新詞。 小遊戲的規則有時後不太清楚,建議可以說明清楚一點再開始。(尤其是遠端上課時) 由於疫情後面三堂課遠端用Zoom上,不熟悉軟體且在家上課容易不專心。整體而言,Drew設計的課程與教學值得推薦。

2020年02月.21st Century 英文應用中級班
老師教授的單字有關聯性,相當系統化,易於記得大量的單字。 我們有充分的機會練習口說,老師會讓學生分組討論,並教學生更漂亮與更聰明的說法,以及提醒我們避開 native speaker 不太使用的老舊單字。

2020年02月.21st Century 英文應用中級班

2020年01月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》
Drew guides us through some more advanced words in the series, and makes sure we understand and practise with those vocabulary. The course covers not only the programme itself but also the cultural aspect in each episode. For those who would like to have deeper conversations and deliver your thoughts more precisely, Drew's the one for you.

2019年12月.21st Century 英文應用中級班
Giving us a lot of vocabularies and ways of speaking. I learned a lot in this class. But still hope we can have more lively connections in the class.:)

2019年12月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》
Drew listens very carefully when we are discussing. He would come up with some better words or phrases after we discuss. We could learn how to present our thoughts by using more accurate words. Highly recommended.

2019年05月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》
It's a great English practice opportunity!

Movie is a good topic to start conversations. In the past 3 weeks we learned basic but useful terms in different genres like Comedy, Kung Fu, Musical and Romance, which gave us tools and methods to start a discussion on movies. And the films Drew recommends are all worth watching.

2019年03月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》

2019年02月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》
Food is always a good topic to start a conversation, and Drew can help us express our views and feelings on taste, smell, cooking process of the cuisine. I wish I could join the whole session!

Anyi Lo
Drew is very patient and easy to talk with, it was a very good first class with him.

Christine Lu
2019年02月.Netflix 《主廚的餐桌》