Hello, 我是 Chris


Chris 來自美國,任職於知名美商二十餘年,擔任技術領域主管職,長期派駐亞洲,專長是關係經營、營運管理、策略制訂。他說很高興能在MDT與大家分享自己的經驗。工作之餘,他喜歡戶外運動,最喜歡的電影是《死侍》、《末代武士》、《搶救雷恩大兵》。


Nuo-Pai Nobel Hsu
Very good course, learned the effective way and inspired the new thought for selling myself!

Sophia Su
This session helped me know myself better, learn how to organize an impressive self-introduction and resume. Very useful for career planning. Highly recommended for everyone who is or may seek for a new opportunity in the future.

Recommend to every people who confused about how to sell yourself. Chris is a teacher who is so kindly to guide class to share experience and tell everyone how to use the strengths to make your resume better! Every tips in class are useful, and also suggest who ready to sign up the class --- prepare your resume and take it to class(It may help you to check everything Chris suggested in class immediately). After this class, I think I know a litttle bit more about myself, and also got lots of idea to make my resume better. Thanks Chris : )

Coco Lu
Chris is a great teacher who can teach you more important information about the resume and self introduction.

Jeannie Shen
This lesson is really useful to someone who wants to make your resume better. I received lots of feedback and different ideas during the class. It would be more helpful if you can prepare your resume and self-introduction beforehand and bring them to the class.

James Yu
2018年10月.Powerful Messages ─ 商用簡報與溝通
Chris 的課程非常淺顯易懂, 給予學員時間表達很充足, 讓大家都可以在短時間內有很大的進步!

2018年10月.Powerful Messages ─ 商用簡報與溝通
This is Derek who just completed your powerful messages course. I appreciated with weapons you supplied in the past three weeks, they really help me to prepare the decks for every pitches in my career/life. It’s really a fantastic framework to organize materials in more systematic way. The most amazing thing is the transition phrases, words and phrases which string 3 episodes together. It really help me to pull audiences back. And I will definitely stick to the framework you suggested; know v.s. Know, feel v.s. Care, do v.s. Who. Every thing we arranged is to ensure messages are very much conveyed to gatherings of people, and drive them to act what you need them to do. There’s another impressive part during the course, I can’t deliver points clearly enough at that moment, even we only have 4 other guys in small rooms. It can convince others if there’s still things uncertainty. To be honestly, the most anticipated part after work is the course on Thursday evening in the past three weeks. Looking forward to join your course soon, cheers!

Leo Hsu
2018年08月.Powerful Messages ─ 商用簡報與溝通
Chris is a very kind and friendly teacher. He organized the course very well and we had lots of oral practice.

Albee Lo
2018年08月.Powerful Messages ─ 商用簡報與溝通
This is my first time to join MDT, Chris gave me a great experience, I did learn a lot about powerful message from the class, I’m sorry I should do my homework.