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Hello, 我是 Elene van Sandwyk


Elene 來自南非,主修資訊科學,同時擁有英美文學學位,畢業後從事教職,擁有五年教學經驗,過去十年效力於媒體產業,曾任新創企業專案經理,負責行銷與文案撰寫。平常喜歡瑜珈、閱讀、電影。


2020年05月.商用英語 ─ 如何撰寫電子郵件
It’s my first lesson in MDT. Elene offered many bothersome words, which improved my writing skill. And it’s really different from the cram school in Taiwan.Hope to take your lesson again.

Chiaoting Chueh
2019年11月.商用英語 ─ 如何撰寫電子郵件

2019年11月.商用英語 ─ 如何撰寫電子郵件
Thanks for Elene's teaching. I can know some detailed information as a non-native speaker who will use it in sentence. It is very useful for me.

2019年11月.商用英語 ─ 如何撰寫電子郵件
Thanks for Elene's teaching step by step, especially debug (find mistakes in sentences) and weekly writing practice. I look forward to her new writing class in 2020.

2019年09月.商用英語 ─ 如何撰寫電子郵件
I think it's very useful for e-mail writing, not only just use for work, but also in general, the teacher will give you ideas and some practice how to organize the mail structure, and the common grammar mistake in order to improve mail writing in English.

Kevin Wan
2019年09月.商用英語 ─ 如何撰寫電子郵件
Eileen is a great teacher with patience and energy. She cares about each student’s need and prepares lots of material. My favorite teacher in MTD!

2019年07月.商用英語 ─ 如何撰寫電子郵件
Elene is an experienced teacher. She provided some exercises in writing e-mail during the class and after the class. I've gained more skills in writing. I hope to take more of her classes in the future :) Thank you Elene :)

Kiddy Lioa
2019年07月.商用英語 ─ 如何撰寫電子郵件