Meagan edited

Hello, 我是 Meagan Armstrong


Meagan 來自美國,畢業自 Portland State University,大學主修社會科學,碩士專攻英語教學。畢業後在美國、韓國任教,累計8年教學經驗,尤其擅長文法課程與考試準備。平時她喜歡跟朋友聚會逛街,最喜歡的電影是1993年的《西雅圖夜未眠》。


2019年11月.Market Leader 商英主題課程
Meagan is passionate what she does. She's well-organized. She always pay attention to conversation during classes and correct in a gentle way. Thanks MDT to advance my English level to next milestone.

I-ting Lo
Meagan is a great teacher! She makes detailed explanation when she teaches us.

Max Hsu
2019年08月.Conversation 英文通用口說
A very interested and useful conversation class.

Joann Tsai
She is an excellent grammar teacher! I really learned a lot from her! Thanks Meagan!

Ted Shen
2019年08月.Conversation 英文通用口說
Meagan is really a caring tutor who pays attention to students conversation and correct us in a gentle way. High recognition to Meagan.

2019年08月.Conversation 英文通用口說
Meagan was a skilled teacher with patient and a good sense of humour. She paid attention to each of us while we were having conversations and gave suggestions individually. Looking forward to her next class!

Max Hsu
I learned a lots about the grammar, thanks Meagan 😀