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Hello, 我是 Tenson


Tenson 在南非長大,熱愛葡萄酒,擁有多年教學經驗,是位具備WSET L3葡萄酒高階認證的專業品酒老師。曾任飲喬一的葡萄酒顧問,並經營品酒部落格《斟酌軒》。品酒之餘,Tenson 是位專業英語老師,擁有教學認證TESL,累計有20年教學經驗。最喜歡的電影是1997年的《致命遊戲》。


2022年05月.Wine Tasting Course 葡萄酒品嚐入門
I love the way how Tenson combines Wine with English. Every week, Henson brings a bottle of white or red wine and we got an article we should prepare before heading to the class. We started with all basic knowledges about wine and wine making and we were free to ask questions any time. We go through the article and then taste the wine. For sure we also talk about the flavor, the color and how we like the wine. It was always a pleasure to try different wines and also have our questions answered very quickly because Tenson is expert at this field. The atmosphere is easy and I am not afraid of speaking English even though it's all about wine: what we think is an total unknown field with hard vocabularies. NOT AT ALL - You can express yourself in the way you feel comfortable, Tenson and the classmates are super nice. And of course: You can treat yourself well with a glass of wine in the Fridays night. <3

2022年04月.Wine Tasting Course 葡萄酒品嚐入門
Tenson, he is wonderful and interesting teacher. You never feel bored, and learn many vocabularies, knowledge and science of wine from him. Joing the wine-tasting class that is fantastic experience. We really enjoyed the class. That is worth to invest it, and won't disappointed.

2022年03月.Wine Tasting Event 葡萄酒品嚐會
Tenson is passionate about wine and teaching. He parpares a lot of wine information for class. In the calss i can learn wine knowledge and testing wine. Very special and interesting experience.

Blanca Chang
2022年03月.Wine Tasting Event 葡萄酒品嚐會
The teacher is knowledgeable has has good sense of humor, and we have learned a lot of in a pleasant atmosphere . Highly recommended for those with interest in wines.

Sharon Wang
2022年03月.Wine Tasting Event 葡萄酒品嚐會
This class can give you a general idea about wine tasting & basic knowledge about wine. Learning while tasting quality wine, what more could you ask for.

2020年10月.Wine Tasting Event 葡萄酒品嚐會
One of the best wine tasting class.

2020年07月.Wine Tasting Event 葡萄酒品嚐會
It is not a course for speaking, but it's a great course for those who want to know what's wine tasting about. Tenson provided a very organized lecture to make people easily catch the basic knowledge of wine. Tenson is also willing to answer people's question. I'm a very beginner of wine and enjoy this class a lot. Btw, Tenson has chosen 3 nice bottled of wine for us, I pretty liked it. If you happen to be interested in wine tasting, Tenson will be a good teacher for you guys.

Wesley Teng
2020年01月.Wine Tasting Event 葡萄酒品嚐會

Leslie Wu
2020年01月.Wine Tasting Event 葡萄酒品嚐會
It’s a good 101 class for people who want to find whether they are interested to learn wine tasting more. However, there is little discussion in this one.

Cindy Chen
2020年01月.Wine Tasting Event 葡萄酒品嚐會