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Hello, 我是 Ming


Ming 來自美國紐約,畢業自 The University of Notre Dame 主修人類學,畢業後任職於公立學校四年,負責教師訓練。他平時喜歡戶外運動,最喜歡的電影是1999年的《駭客任務》。


2021年08月.Business Partner 商業英語中高級
Ming 的教學方式是舒服且會鼓勵人的,讓我漸漸會對學英文有自信也會期待每一次上課,且他會輪流讓每個學員發表想法,甚至是根據教材會有角色扮演的方式,8堂課上完後,我覺得自己在聽力上也有明顯提升,值得推薦的老師唷

Ming is well-prepared and he carefully listened to group discussions and gave feedback on us. An interesting class experience, thank you Ming.

Aelian Liu
老師不但認真備課(每堂課都會自己作PPT甚至印講義),也相當願意傾聽採納學生的意見,使得僅僅3堂的課程中討論到了相當多元的主題—美式喜劇、東西方對婚姻看法的比較討論、花木蘭電影導致的cancel culture/boycott爭議時事。每堂課大家都在輕鬆愉快的氣氛中盡情練習用英文發表意見&與他人討論,老師也會適時且耐心地講解新的單字與相關用法。不但是我在MDT目前上到最滿意的英文口說課,也是我這幾年最滿意的英文實體課之一,大推! Ming is not only well-prepared ( with PPT slides or even handouts prepared for each class) but also open-minded to listen to and take students’ feedback, which has brought us 3 classes covering diverse topis—American comedy, cross-culture perspectives on marriage, and backlash(boycott/cancel culture) on Mulan movie issue. In a comfortable atmosphere, we’ve been also encouraged to feel free to practice expressing our opinions and discuss with our classmates in English, with Ming’s explanation whenever needed. To put it in a nutshell, I’ve found Ming’s speaking class the most satisfying one among all MDT speaking classes so far. Highly recommended to those who have been determined to improve their English speaking abilities.