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Hello, 我是 Cindy


Cindy 畢業自 The University of Texas at Austin,主修法語與阿拉伯語,對語言以及文化有深厚的素養。Cindy 對教學充滿熱情,於在學期間取得英語教學執照TESOL,此後便積極地從事教學工作,能夠指導英語、法語、阿語等語種,累積有六年以上教學經驗。最喜歡的電影是2017年的《以你的名字呼喚我》。


2022年11月.Conversation Café with Cindy
Cindy provided a relax environment to learn English, by providing the proper topics ahead for you to be well prepared. At the same time, Cindy will create equal talk time for each student. At the same time, much proper words or phrases will be provided in the chat room without any interruptions. I really highly recommend the class with Cindy.

2022年10月.Conversation Café with Cindy
Cindy always encourages students to speak and provides corrections, it's helpful!

2022年10月.Conversation Café with Cindy
Cindy is really good at creating a friendly environment for everyone to share their opinions, and all the materials she prepared for us were well designed. Before the class, you receive a chip or a podcast episode and a link to a google document containing some questions for everyone to think about. With her abundant experience in different countries, she presents us with some eye-opening topics. By the way, she is currently in North Africa coaching those who are about to be English teachers how to teach English, which is super cool.

Jasmine Chung
2021年05月.Conversation Café with Cindy