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Hello, 我是 Stephen Downing


Stephen 來自美國,畢業自 Tulane University 並主修商學,後來於交通大學取得MBA資格,目前是交大的博士候選人,專攻商業競爭與策略。平時他喜歡游泳、彈吉他,最喜歡的電影是1994年的《黑色追緝令》。


Michelle Kuan
Stephen prepared sufficient reading material and attractive class experience for students having chance to discuss and share in class!

Eve Chen
Highly recommended for advanced English speakers, Stephen is so passionate and is excellent in encouraging and challenging the class in critical thinking and discussion. Every time we leave the class feeling fulfilled and improved. If you are up for boosting your business knowledge and thinking skill you won't be disappointed.

Mike Y Wang
This class is definitely not for beginners, which is perfect for students interested in advanced and intellectually stimulating discussions. Stephen's breadth and depth of knowledge, and willingness to share it is very refreshing. He aggressively encourages students to engage in thoughtful conversation, and is innovative in how he arranges the sessions. I have already signed up for his next class!

Fruitful discussions in every course. Very enjoy the class with members.

Sylvia Chang
It's pretty good overall. I enjoyed learning new things and perspective from my classmates. Everyone was willing to share their opinions and thoughts about the topic and even beyond the topic, which was great and interesting. I think Stephen did prepare the class well with all the materials ready and questions ready. And the class met my expectation as well.

Stephen is a good discussion facilitator. Recommend this class to people who want to practice English speaking and to cultivate a strategical mindset.

Sophia Wu
The course was very engaging. Stephen encourages all of us to participate and to offer our opinions, while linking different topics from different articles together in order to spark deeper discussions. I really enjoyed the class. Not only was it informative and a great platform to speak relatively advanced English, but also it was very interactive in a sense that conversations between other classmates were possible under the guidance of Stephen. I would recommend this class to anyone who had just came back from English speaking countries and are fearful of loosing the opportunity to speak English as well as as the chance to be involved in open discussions about diverse issues that often occur in the contexts of Western cultures. I am from a Law and Social Psychology background, but find the course welcoming to people of all sorts of knowledge backgrounds. It's great.

Nicole Chiu
Stephen is good at guiding us to discuss the topic of HBR. Through quick summary to provide a brain storm. If you are looking for a chance to experience professional MBA, then I recommend you to attend his sessions.

Sunny Lin
Stephen 和大家的互動很好, 對於新創的商業模式也很了解. 閱讀教材因為是 HBR, 內容多且比較深入, 如果可以先準備point of discussion, 學生可以提早準備

Yu Xuan Chen