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Hello, 我是 Tristan


Tristan 來自美國,畢業自 University of Oregon,畢業後從事英語教學工作,在日本與台灣累計有超過10年的教學經驗,近年專注於商業英語訓練,曾服務的客戶包括東京市政府、美商IT公司、國際藥廠以及金融業。最喜歡的電影是2014年的《星際效應》。


Learn a lot from Tristan! He always gave us some advices in speaking! Highly recommend this class

2023年01月.商業英語 — Mastering Meetings

Hsuan-yin Chu

Chiwen Chen
Love the efforts Tristan puts on for this class and will recommend it to others wanting to practice English skills.

During the class, we will read through the handouts together and have discussions based on the materials. Tristan is good at giving students enough opportunities to practice English speaking, answering any questions, and giving feedback to make us improve. I enjoy the time we had during the classes a lot :)

Tristan is a really nice teacher. He always encourages us to speak out in class and brings up different ideas. I really enjoyed learning with him.

I really like Tristan’s class! He prepared different topics each class. He always make sure everyone share their ideas. It’s good for us to improve English ability!

2022年09月.商業英語 — Mastering Meetings

Tristan is a good mentor who always makes sure everyone has an equal chance to speak. Tristan gives feedback when we complete a part of the discussion, including grammar corrections, good terms, and better alternatives. Doing so helps build a strong word bank for learning. Also, we use role-play to practice thinking from different perspectives, putting ourselves in others' shoes. It helps us to think and talk more objectively and reduce personal bias. For me, it's indeed a good practice! All in all, I highly recommend the course to those who want to boost critical thinking and oral expression skills, especially in business fields.

Blanca Chang
2022年05月.商業英語 — Mastering Meetings
Tristan has helped me overcome my fear of meeting facilitation. After this class, I will be able to apply the skills in meetings in any language (especially English and Chinese ) if I am selected as a meeting facilitator. The class is not just a business meeting English class, it's also an useful business training course !

Tristan creates a rather relaxed atmosphere in class, in which everyone is politely invited to share their opinions on the issue. Every week, you will receive a handout listing the followings: 1) a statement, such as “workplace surveillance is an invasion of privacy,” that you can come up with a few reasons to support or to disagree with, 2) six new words that you can pick up from, 3) a short passage everyone takes turn reading, and he offers to help you pronounce more accurately, 4) some questions to discuss in class. And if you want, you can do some research based on certain key words and share your findings in class or in the chatroom on the LINE app. After class, a note with suggested phrasing, important words, and corrections from the discussion during class will be sent to you. Need a stress-free place to speak English? Sign up for this class straight.

Blanca Chang
I have learnt a lot from the teacher, and I have registered his another class " Mastering Meetings". I believe I will learn more in the class.

It's the second time I attending Tristan's class. It feels like a wonderful breakfast, it is yummy but no pressure. Every week, we have a different discussion with classmates about the topics that were prepared by Tristan. The topics cover the different situations and content, such as changing careers, labor issues, new technologies, etc. I recommend people who want to improve their speaking skills can try to book this class to work with Tristan. It definitely would be a great journey during this course.

Angie Wang

Blanca Chang
The teacher has great knowledge of business & tech technology, and he is very professional at business English.

Every class we will discuss the essay, which had been sent to us a couple of days, and then have a conversation and share our views. After class, the teacher will also deliver a note that records some mistakes from the speaking by the members during the class to help review. All in all, it is a wonderful course and has a relaxed atmosphere during the class.