Andries photo

Hello, 我是 Andries Schutte


Born in South Africa, I spent most of my life and did most of my education there (about 24 years). I spent 1 year during early childhood living in Germany and 3.5 in the U.S. where I finished high school. I have been in Taiwan for 17 years and worked here as a legal counsel at various companies while also having taught English. I am very international. My interests are reading, poetry, history, swimming and hiking.


Blanca Chang
Andries老師的課程非常適合想在輕鬆環境下增進字彙量並同時精進聽說能力的人, 他很擅長於補充和解釋較困難的字和同義字. 另外, 他的業界經驗豐富, 所以學員們還可額外得到不少工作上的知識(如法律). 強烈推薦Andries老師給正在準備TOEIC和TOEFL的人, 藉由參與他的課程, 學生們將可輕鬆的記住困難單字以及循序漸進的增進字彙量!

Tsai Cheng-Yu
單字補充很多! 可以練習很多討論技巧跟觀點描述!

Andries is patient, articulate, even-tempered, and knowlaegde. His class would be for someone who already has decent English language skills and would like to get to the next level up, ie: news English or discussions on current affairs.