Meetings, Presentations and General

James Miller

James 主修英美文學,是英文老師、兒童劇演員、童書作家,擁有豐富的生命經驗。他有17年的教學經驗,具備無限的教學熱忱,特別適合第一次參加MDT的朋友們。平時喜歡打橄欖球、衝浪、帶著心愛的小狗阿雄一起去露營。


Part 1, Classes 1-4, Meetings:
“Meetings” is the main theme, because that’s where so many scenarios occur, such
as hosting, problem-solving, persuading colleagues, brainstorming, small talk, initiating action- based outcomes and so on.
So we’ll be doing a few meeting dialogues, where you can learn useful words and phrases to deal with all these classic meetings scenarios.
We’ll take it step by step from meeting kick-off, to dealing with interruptions and keeping focused, and so on, and also learning a lot of rich phrases like “on a side note” and “it’s rather a pressing matter” etc.
Please note that Meetings also include Con-calls.


Part 2, Classes 5-8, Presentations:
If you enjoyed Meetings, then please join us for Part 2, Presentations. Presentations are a huge part of meetings, so we’ll be learning and practicing useful Presentation Structures for 3 kinds of presentations:

  • Simple Presentation Structure (a “list of persuasive reasons”)
  • Procedural Presentation Structure. (Steps taken to solve a problem)
  • Status Update / Progress Report Structure

As usual we’ll also be learning many presentation words and phrases such as “not to mention”, “that said”, and “subsequently”.
Transitional words and phrases like “that brings us to” and “nevertheless” are also a must.


Part 3, Classes 9-12, General Work English:
For this part, we’ll be covering all the other common areas that we all need to deal with, like emails, working to a deadline, small- talk for relationship- building, as well as taking specific student requests... for example, negotiating, dealing with customer complaints and so on.
We’ll also be learning a lot of really useful general work phrases, like “off the top of my head”, “a quick heads-up” and “take a rain check”, etc.
Everyone would have studied very hard up to this point, so we can also have some fun by reviewing meetings through Humorous Meeting Dialogues and a crash course on “How to be a More Charming English Communicator.”
Join this course and “up-skill” your English now! 😀


I'll send you the lesson a day early so you can preview if you want. The lesson will include customized materials about meetings, presentations and general corporate English.

What you can learn from this class

1.) Students will learn classic meetings vocabulary and phrases for many common meetings scenarios. 2.) Students will become very familiar with Presentation Structures that they can use again and again.

My experience for the class

I’ve been in Taiwan for 20 years and have in recent years focused almost exclusively on Corporate English.
相當於多益500分/全民英檢中級,有單字與文法基礎,想加強溝通能力的學員。 完整分級說明請點此連結


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星期二 4 堂課共 $ 2640
02/14 16:00-17:30
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Part I ※02月28日,停課一週,逢連續假日
南京教室 : 台北市松山區慶城街 捷運南京復興站7號出口步行約1分鐘


James很親切,會事前發佈講義在群組之中,不過也不用有預習壓力,老師上課時還是會從頭帶領。James會在談話中向學生延伸提問,引導並分配所有學生發言。還會在課堂尾端詢問同學當日記憶最深刻的詞語,幫助大家複習,並且提供他整理好補充的字詞放在群組內。 線上課程上課起來的感受,我會覺得3個人最完美,大家可以很充分講話和隨機提問。5個人算是有點極限,如果想要大家都很充足講話的話。 James上課氣氛很輕鬆,完全不用擔心不敢講,希望之後能開實體課。

James is a really nice and friendly teacher who creates a relaxed atmosphere in learning. He shared a few meeting dialogues for us to learn how to deal with different scenarios in the meetings. He also taught us many practical words, phrases and their synonyms. I highly recommend this informative, useful and interesting class.


Riita Chen
Great! James!