Big ideas in psychology

Kaidy Stautz

Kaidy 來自英國,畢業自劍橋大學,擁有心理學博士學位。從事學術研究幾年,他決定轉職教育,於英國取得英語教學執照 CELTA,目前是專職的英語老師。最喜歡的電影是1982年《銀翼殺手》。


本課程以心理學作為討論主題,選材自知名部落格“Barking Up The Wrong Tree”,都是與現代生活密切相關的內容。


討論過程中,我們會試著應用課堂中的知識,包括比對自身的生活經驗,或者用以理解相關的新聞事件。老師 Kaidy 相信心理學是實用的科學,透過應用所學,我們將更有收穫。

Kaidy 擁有扎實的心理學學術經驗,以及英語教學訓練,是教授本課程不二人選,推薦對心理學感興趣的朋友參加。


  • 增進對心理學的理解
  • 增進以英語參與討論的能力
  • 增進批判性思考能力
  • 增加單字量與閱讀能力




In this class we will discuss some key ideas in psychology. We will focus on topics and questions that should be relevant and useful to everyone and that stimulate interesting discussions.


Each class will be based around an article from the popular blog 'Barking Up The Wrong Tree' (pre-reading will be helpful but not essential). We will discuss the main ideas from each article and whether we agree or disagree with them. I will teach you about relevant psychological studies in the area, and we'll talk about how the ideas discussed relate to current news and events.

What you can learn from this class

Current ideas in psychology, critical thinking, confidence in discussion, vocabulary, reading skills

My experience for the class

I have a PhD in psychology and worked as a post-doc at the University of Cambridge for over three years, conducting psychological research funded by the UK government. I now teach English in Taipei to students of all levels and backgrounds.
相當於多益850分,適合有國際經驗,或工作上會以英文進行討論者。​ 完整分級說明請點此連結


根據北市府規定,學生於第二堂課上課前提出退費申請者,退還課程費用總額百分之七十。 完整說明請點此連結


星期六 4 堂課共 $ 2400差 1 位開班
08/10 17:00-18:30
08/17 17:00-18:30
08/24 17:00-18:30
08/31 17:00-18:30
小樹大安復興 : 臺北市大安區復興南路一段259號5樓 (大安捷運站6號出口步行約3分鐘。)

星期二 4 堂課共 $ 2400確定開班
08/13 18:30-20:00
08/20 18:30-20:00
08/27 18:30-20:00
09/03 18:30-20:00
小樹大安復興 : 臺北市大安區復興南路一段259號5樓 (大安捷運站6號出口步行約3分鐘。)


Kaidy is a wonderful teacher! He's very good at guiding us to think differently and individual opinions in related topics. He would also tell us about some psychology theories and historical development, overall i've enjoyed his classes :)

Kaidy is a well-prepared and agreeable instructor. The topics he chosed are relevant and resonating. I enjoyed the discussion every week and learned a lot from it. I highly recommend Kaidy to those who have interest in psychology or have curiosity about human behavior.

I really enjoy this course and hope you can experience such a great course as well!

Interesting class with a lot of thinking, recommend those who are interested in psychology in your daily life.

Rachel Chen
If you want to challenge yourself or maybe someone else, come to this class. We did a lot of discussion about psychology. The questions discussed in the class were quite down-to-earth but difficult. It was a challenge for me. Thank you, Mr. Kaidy and my open-minded classmates. 😁

Chia-pei Chen
Kaidy is a patient teacher with good listening skills and good at encouraging students to share their ideas. The reading materials are helpful and interesting too. Very inspiring!

Highly recommend!! Topics Kaidy chooses are closed to our daily life with some interesting phycological facts such as how to persuade people, how to achieve your goals, the definition of happiness. Kaidy organizes and leads classes very well. From small group sharing to whole class discussion, step by step digging into questions, students have enough chances to practice speaking. It’s a comfort to have Kaidy’s class at Saturday after 5 working days!

Kaidy is a very kind, patient and open minded person so you wouldn’t feel nervous or uncomfortable when talking or expressing your ideas to him. The class always goes smoothly and in a very structured way, if you’re a logical thinker you would love this. Given his academic background, it’s needless to say how professional he is in this area. Since this is a psychological class, be prepared to express your feelings (doesn’t have to be anything too personal) and thoughts a lot. Overall I highly recommend this class to anyone who’s either interested in psychology or behaviour economics. Or just anyone who would like to explore/learn more about himself/herself. This is a riveting class to take and probably the best I’ve taken in the past 5 years.


Sean Wu
MDT 特色之一是 老師不太會打斷學生發言,這樣也沒有不好。 不過我會建議MDT 可以落實分級,因為如果這是訂在高級的課程 同學程度如果明顯不到,這樣其實其他人被迫要聽很多 中式英語,覺得對學習沒有太大幫助。