Resume & Interview

Marc Hsu

Marc 是一名華裔美國人,畢業自 University of California, Davis,獲得教育社會學碩士學位。畢業後,他從事教學工作,並結合了跨學科的方法,在舊金山灣區教授英語和社會學。他於2010年回到台灣,在國防,銘傳和實踐大學任教。他擁有超過二十年的教學經驗,非常了解台灣學習者的需求。最喜歡的電影是1982年的《銀翼殺手》。



本課程第一部份,我們專注在履歷表的撰寫,老師會指導履歷表的目標與架構,該怎麼寫才能整合求職者的學經歷、專業、優勢與人格特質呢? 另外該使用哪些字、避免哪些字? 我們也會討論履歷表的排版與設計。


老師 Marc 擁有教育社會學的碩士學位,畢業後曾在學界與產業從事人資工作,擁有面試的理論與實務經驗,擁有許多第一手的經驗可以與學員分享。


  • 更加了解自己的競爭優勢
  • 更好地撰寫履歷表以取得理想工作機會
  • 增進商業英文能力



Week #1
  • 履歷表的基本觀念、用字選擇,如何針對職缺、產業、情境調整履歷表。如果有履歷表請帶來課堂。第二週上課前,請準備履歷表草稿。
Week #2
  • 履歷表第一次修訂,我們會針對目標、內容、清楚程度、一致性等要素進行討論。課程後半段,老師會帶領討論常見的面試問題與回答方式。
Week #3
  • 履歷表第二次修訂,本週我們預計會得到較為完整的成果。課程後半段,老師會帶領進行模擬面試,老師會提出建議,並講解準備一場面試的方法。
Week #4
  • 履歷表最終版本,我們會進行最後一次的複習與檢討。課程後半段,我們會討論面試後的 follow-up。



本課程適用【MDT 兩人團報九折優惠】


  1. 付款並完成報名
  2. 填寫本表單

MDT 將於十五個工作日內,將折扣金額退還至您的信用卡帳戶。


This course provides students with two fundamental business components to achieve a desired job - the "foot-in-the-door" resume & the door-opening interview. The four sessions are to maximize students' talents, abilities, and achievements on paper and in dialogue. The first section ensures that each student creates a marketable resume that is tailored by their education, experience, expertise or strengths.  We'll discuss the functionality and format of the resume, critique sample resumes to compare with our own, and focus on key-words (optimizing resume scans) and aesthetics (style and design). The second section equips students to successfully engage with their counterpart during an interview. We'll examine questions that assess competence, personality, and fit, optimize profiling tactics, and conduct mock one-on-one and/or panel interviews.


- Students are willing and prepared to share their work experience - struggles, triumpths and setbacks in class.

- Students are willing to let others critique their existing resume, or the ones created in class.

- Students actively complete assignments that'll improve their resume and interviewing skills/strategies.

W1 - Bring existing resume (or notes). Examine and understand the advantanges of various formats and (re)draft personal resume for marketability (general, or by industry). Explore appropriate words and phrases for usage and critique sample resumes by function, format, and industry.

W2 - Bring 2nd draft. Peer/teacher review with suggestions for improvement - analyze for objective clarity, content & coherence, and general "attractiveness." Explore the types of interview questions and understand their purpose, i.e. what your answers will reveal to the employer.

W3 - Bring 3rd draft of resume. Examine strategies of interviewing that will lead a positive and memorable impression on the prospective employer. Role-play interview scenarios and generate appropriate questions to ask during an interview to show confidence and the sincere desire for employment. 

W4 - Bring Final resume and dress for success. Share our final product and conduct mock interviews with the teacher, followed by self-evaluation and teacher/class feedback. Conclude with post-interview tips and Q&A. or general course feedback.


What you can learn from this class

1. How to create a marketable resume by emphasizing personal strength, experience, and style within the target industry. 2. How to properly prepare for an interview, and knowing employers' intent during the interview process. 3. How to leverage your marketability during the interview. 4. Resume and interviewing tips that'll increase the probability of an invitation to interview with a successful outcome.

My experience for the class

I have served on recruitment and hiring committees in academia and companies in the US and TW; I have seen the gamut of documents that truly represent, "the good, the bad, and the ugly," and have been trained to invite and scrutinize the select few that show promise. Of course, I've also been in the "hot seat", asked questions that I myself pose to the my own candidates seeking employment. In short, I can support the class because of my professional experience as a gatekeeper and, my personal achievement & setbacks as a potential asset.
相當於多益700分/全民英檢中高級,能以英文輕鬆地聊天,目標是進一步加強表達能力的學員。 完整分級說明請點此連結


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