Debate Class


Douglas 來自加拿大,擁有 British Columbia Institute of Technology 企管碩士學位。畢業後從事業務與管理工作,2000年成為專職講師,服務於許多知名國際企業,累計一共20年教學與企業訓練經驗,擁有國際認可的教學執照TEFL。最喜歡的電影是《星際異攻隊》與《英雄本色》。


As people in business collaborate across functions and countries, good communication skills are more important than ever. Being able to express yourself clearly is so important in group work. If you have ideas you want others to accept, you need to be able to persuade.

In this debate class you will learn:

  • how to organize your thoughts
  • how to persuade others
  • how to clarify your thoughts
  • how to ask clarifying questions
  • and how to listen ...

The ability to argue with someone and disagree, but still respect them, is really a top-notch quality that all companies value.

In this course, you will develop the ability not to take things personally and how to think fast and come up with answers on the spur of the moment.  

This course will also give you the opportunity to learn about global issues and the confidence to participate in conversations by agreeing and disagreeing with others all while improving your Business English skills in a fun and active environment.


Prior to each class you will be given 1 or 2 debate topics so that you may research the issue to ensure that everyone is ready to contribute to our dynamic discussions.

Having an opinion on current events and global issues is also a key part of improving your networking skills which will help you to reduce your inhibitions about being able to hold a conversation with new people.




相當於多益700分/全民英檢中高級,能以英文輕鬆地聊天,目標是進一步加強表達能力的學員。 完整分級說明請點此連結


根據北市府規定,學生於第二堂課上課前提出退費申請者,退還課程費用總額百分之七十。 完整說明請點此連結