Fake News and Conspiracy Theories


Paul 來自英國Essex,擁有傳統名校巴斯大學的博士學位,專長是歷史與國際局勢。曾在英國與台灣的大學任教,非常擅長帶領小班的討論。Paul 於2016年加入MDT,舉辦了許多以國際時事為主題的課程。課餘他喜歡閱讀和英國精釀啤酒。


Was the current coronavirus made in a lab in China? Or is the pandemic part of a conspiracy by global elites? More importantly, how can we know the truth of these things... ?

This class is not really a class with answers to questions, but rather about the skills needed for you to find your own answers. We'll look at conspiracy theories: what they are, and why today there seems to be so many of them, and the differences between real conspiracies. We'll also look at fake news - what is it, and how is it different from bias? What is bias? And how can we think about misinformation and disinformation? What is the impact of these things on democracy?

We'll also learn what exactly critical thinking is and the critical thinking skills we need for today's online media.


Participants will get a better understanding of critical thinking, conspiracy theories and fake news, and they will also have a chance to express opinions and discuss ideas in English, as well as have a chance to practice critical thinking skills in the classroom.

Session outline – a guide only, and may change:

  • Week 1 What are conspiracy theories and why do people believe in conspiracy theories? What is fake news? And how can critical thinking help us?
  • Week 2  We look at critical thinking and different types of reasoning
  • Week 3 How conspiracy theories work, including ones around the current pandemic, and the recent QAnon conspiracy
  • Week 4 We look at types of bias in the media, as well as fake news, disinformation and misinformation, and how these may harm democracy.
  • Week 5 We look at typical errors of reasoning in the fifth session.
  • Week 6 The final session reviews what’s been covered.


The classes will be a mix of class discussion of material provided by the teacher and classroom exercises.




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