Topics in British News - Discussion


Ben 來自英國,畢業自 University College London 主修哲學,畢業後投身教職,曾任教於中國、香港、台灣等地,累計有六年以上的教學經驗,他擁有國際認可的英語教學執照 CELTA,最喜歡的電影是《魔戒》。


Very often, outside of local Taiwanese news, we only hear about the news that affects the global community. We usually don't get many opportunities to learn about issues that are focused more on the UK. I hope to share and discuss more about specific situations in the UK and how British people are reacting to them.

Topics will be up-to-date, and relevant to the week's news. However, likely subjects include:

  • Workers' strikes and political debates in the UK.
  • The impact of Brexit, and the UK's international relationships.
  • The relationships between the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan.
  • How international events such as the Ukraine War have influenced the UK, and how Brits have responded.

Discussion topics will also include (hopefully) more optimistic news!

What you'll learn

Students will learn about different perspectives on the current important topics in the UK. They will also be able to understand British society more deeply. Finally, students will improve their vocabulary, critical thinking, and discussion skills.

About me

I am a CELTA-qualified teacher with 6 years' experience in England, Japan, and Taiwan. I am also on an MA Education course for English Language. I studied Philosophy at UCL, so I like to create interesting discussions and draw on different perspectives in class.


Students will be given a relevant article or news video before class. In class, we will discuss the article and the topic in general. Depending on the topic, discussion will include small debates. I will also choose key topic-related vocabulary to review and practice together.

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