Tarot Cards for Advanced Level Students


Jon 來自美國,畢業自 The Art Institute of California,擁有國際認可的英語教學執照TESOL,累計15年以上成人英語教學以及企業訓練經驗,尤其擅長英語口說與商業課程。Jon 喜歡旅行,曾去過65個國家,最喜歡的電影是1990年的《剪刀手愛德華》。


This is a super fun and different way to improve your English vocabulary, speaking, and grammar - with tarot cards.


This course consists of 4 classes. 

In each class we will spend 1/3rd of the time having conversations with your fellow classmates, 1/3rd of the time doing real tarot readings, and 1/3rd of the time on on vocabulary. 

At the start of each class we will get to know each other better by making small talk. The teacher will correct all grammar mistakes and record them on a document to view after class. 

Then the remainder of the class will be dedicated to an actual tarot reading. You can get the chance to ask a real fortune teller (the teacher) any questions you would like. The answers will come out and he will explain the new vocaulary discussed in the readings. 

What you can learn from this class

The students will learn how tarot cards actually work and will learn the vocabulary cards associated with the cards.

My experience for the class

I have spent 5 years as a tarot card fortune teller making predictions for 100s of people. I have been an English teacher teaching Taiwanese students for 15+ years and i know what makes a fun, interesting, and educational class. In addition I am able to use tarot cards to make predictions and to explain them in an easy to understand way.
相當於雅思6.5以上,適合工作上會使用英語進行討論,以及計劃到海外留學與工作的學員。 完整分級說明請點此連結


根據北市府規定,學生於第二堂課上課前提出退費申請者,退還課程費用總額百分之七十。 完整說明請點此連結