Modern Management Discussion


Tristan 來自美國,畢業自 University of Oregon,畢業後從事英語教學工作,在日本與台灣累計有超過10年的教學經驗,近年專注於商業英語訓練,曾服務的客戶包括東京市政府、美商IT公司、國際藥廠以及金融業。最喜歡的電影是2014年的《星際效應》。


Explore the world of modern business and organizational management while improving your English speaking, reading, and listening skills in our Modern Management Discussion course. Each week you'll read about and discuss a different management concept with your classmates and instructor. Share your opinion, share your experiences, create and ask discussion questions, and try out new ideas through short roleplay activties.


Students will prepare in advance by reading a short article on management provided by the instructor. Students will be encouraged to write and share their detailed opinion about each article, as well as reviewing the discussion questions provided by the instructor. All homework and preperation activities will be clearly marked on a 2 to 3 page worksheet provided by the instructor.

What you can learn from this class

Modern concepts of organizational management, English termonology and phrasing used in common professional scenarios, and North American English pronunciation and speaking.

My experience for the class

I've taught business English in Taiwan and Japan for over 12 years. Prior to teaching business English, I worked in small business management in the United States and managed a team of about 20 people.
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