Talking about feminism


Hi there! I'm Aino, a bilingual young academic enjoying life in Taiwan with their two cats. Finnish and English are my strongest languages and in addition I've studied Swedish and Mandarin. Though I have an interest in languages , and got a degree in applied linguistics from University of Helsinki, I'm pursuing a master's degree in international studies in NCCU as that's where my true passion lies. This is evident in the courses I create with their topics ranging from political hot potatos to climate change, feminism and the LGBTQIA+ community. With already a few years of teaching experience under my belt, my goal is to help everyone express their thoughts on complex topics, gain confidence in speaking and learn how to use topic-specific vocabulary smoothly. Hope to see you soon!


Womens’ rights have drastically changed in the last 100 years, and those in the forefront don’t shy away from calling themselves feminists. This course explores feminist history, modern day issues, the opposition, and the news. The first class is a lecture that familiarises everyone with the necessary vocabulary and the rest focus on discussion. There will be homework after each lesson so please make time in your schedule for that as well.

Welcome to talk about feminism!


Lesson 1: Vocabulary  

Main target: familiarise the group with relevant vocabulary and concepts  

Lesson 2: Feminist leaps and women’s rights  

Main target: recognising historical events that are associated with feminism and discussing what could still be done and where  

Lesson 3: Different forms of feminism and their opposition  

Main target: Learn about the different branches of feminism and their opposition  Each student will present their article and group will discuss them  

Lesson 4: Feminist news around the world  

Main target: Help students see feminist discourse in modern media 

What you can learn from this class

Improve English listening and speaking skills Improve the ability to participate in discussions in English Learn the expressions of native speakers in English-speaking countries Learn medium and high-level vocabulary words

My experience for the class

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