Business News Discussion

Stephen Downing

Stephen 來自美國,畢業自 Tulane University 並主修商學,後來於交通大學取得MBA資格,目前是交大的博士候選人,專攻商業競爭與策略。平時他喜歡游泳、彈吉他,最喜歡的電影是1994年的《黑色追緝令》。


本課程專注在口說的練習,教材選自 Bloomberg, HBR, Vox 等等媒體。老師將於課前公佈當週教材,每週1-2篇選文,並提供討論問題。譬如說: Nike and the history of “commodity activism”


  1. 老師帶領閱讀文章,並解釋較為困難的單字以及學員不理解的地方。
  2. 針對指定的問題進行討論,學員將能練習表達自己的想法。
  3. 過程中,老師將引導發言、提出見解,以增進討論的趣味與豐富。



  • 幫助學員更細膩地以英文表達想法
  • 練習以英文討論商業相關的主題
  • 增進對商業與策略的瞭解



This course focuses on discussion of the latest business news with stories involving economics, technology, and finance. Articles are sourced from leading business news outlets, including Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, and The Economist.


For the first class, I will provide four articles, and each subsequent class students will take turns choosing one article each (maximum four per class).  The articles will be available in advance so that students may prepare at their own pace. While some articles may contain difficult content or vocabulary, reading them before class is necessary to allow informed discussion that helps students get the most value from the course.

In the first part of class, students will have an opportunity to summarize, review and discuss the contents of the articles amongst themselves. I will guide the discussion, offering commentary and playing “devil’s advocate” to produce thoughtful debate.

The second portion of class is for synthesis and reflection. Here is where we drill down deeper into the related issues and broader context of the topic. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on how the news pertains to their work and career. What have the articles made you realize about your business circumstances and direction?  The focus here is on practicing immediately useful professional English conversation about timely topics that can apply to foreign business trips, international trade expos, conference calls, and more.

What you can learn from this class

(1) Gain practical experience discussing unfamiliar or advanced business topics in English (2) Achieve a sense of accomplishment from continued improvement of your English conversational abilities (3) Keep informed on current business news and developments

My experience for the class

I am an American management researcher interested in understanding the ways organizations make decisions. Originally from Pittsburgh, USA, I attended Tulane University (New Orleans, USA) as an undergrad in political science and philosophy. I interned in marketing for PPG Industries (Taipei and Shanghai) while completing my MBA at National Chiao Tung University (Hsinchu), later working as a sales account manager to the Nordic region, and most recently I co-founded a B2B software-as-a-service startup. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in decision sciences writing my dissertation on networks of competition among organizations. My research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, including Energy Policy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, and The International Journal of Hospitality Management. You may read more on my research website: https://sdownin.github.io
相當於多益850分,適合有國際經驗,或工作上會以英文進行討論者。​ 完整分級說明請點此連結




Barry Lai
Stephen provides us a great deal of business knowledge and information. His academic professionalism in business allows him to guide us to a great discussion about the business news, which is also very inspiring.

Stephen is a good teacher.The articles he picks up every week let me learn a lot about different businesses and what's going on globally. Also he is very nice to guide us during the discussion and show his extensive knowledge to help us think more.

Nicole Chiu
I like the way his teaching. Very vivid,and the pace of class is quite good.In the beginning , Stephan will give a brief opening, and briefing the topic he pick up. Then we serpent small group to discuss. He guide us to extend our idea. He is so smart and have unique perspective.

Michelle Kuan
Stephen prepared sufficient reading material and attractive class experience for students having chance to discuss and share in class!

Eve Chen
Highly recommended for advanced English speakers, Stephen is so passionate and is excellent in encouraging and challenging the class in critical thinking and discussion. Every time we leave the class feeling fulfilled and improved. If you are up for boosting your business knowledge and thinking skill you won't be disappointed.

Mike Y Wang
This class is definitely not for beginners, which is perfect for students interested in advanced and intellectually stimulating discussions. Stephen's breadth and depth of knowledge, and willingness to share it is very refreshing. He aggressively encourages students to engage in thoughtful conversation, and is innovative in how he arranges the sessions. I have already signed up for his next class!

Fruitful discussions in every course. Very enjoy the class with members.

Nicole Chiu
Stephen is good at guiding us to discuss the topic of HBR. Through quick summary to provide a brain storm. If you are looking for a chance to experience professional MBA, then I recommend you to attend his sessions.

Sunny Lin
Stephen 和大家的互動很好, 對於新創的商業模式也很了解. 閱讀教材因為是 HBR, 內容多且比較深入, 如果可以先準備point of discussion, 學生可以提早準備

Yu Xuan Chen