Public Speaking


Alex 來自美國,畢業自威斯康辛大學麥迪遜分校,主修人類學,同時熱愛經濟、哲學與歷史。畢業後來到台灣,成為專職的英文老師,擁有國際認可的英語教學執照CELTA,累計有五年的教學經驗。教學之外他喜歡寫作,長期目標是成為以社會觀察為主題的專欄作家。最喜歡的電影是《刺激1995》。


你害怕上台發言嗎? 或是工作上需要主導會議或簡報? 如果答案為“是”,本課程就是為你而設計!

本課程,我們將看過許多不同風格的 TED 演講,並從中學習簡報技巧。老師每週講解一個關於簡報的主題,幫助學員增進簡報能力,並逐步完成期末簡報,課程最後一週,每位學員將能流暢地呈現自己的簡報。

老師 Alex 執教多年,累積許多製作簡報、教簡報技巧的經驗,能夠幫助學員發現自己的問題,進而增進簡報能力。


  • 增進英語簡報能力
  • 增進表達想法與參與討論的能力
  • 增進單字量與聽力


每週一個主題,搭配指定的 TED 演講,最後一週為期末簡報。課表請參考附件:MDT Public Speaking Curriculum (pdf)


本課程適用【MDT 兩人團報九折優惠】


  1. 付款並完成報名
  2. 填寫本表單

MDT 將於十五個工作日內,將折扣金額退還至您的信用卡帳戶。


Are you afraid of standing on a stage? Do you need to lead conversations and give presentations? Do you have to make a PPT?

If so, then this class is for you! In this class we will watch TED videos and discuss them to learn how to help our own presentations. Also, each week students will be working on a PPT that they will present in the final class.


Each week will have 1 topic about public speaking. Students will watch TED talks about how to give a good presentation. Then, in class we will discuss the topics. 

First, we will talk about finding your idea. Then, we will start to make a PPT. Later, we will practice the correct structure of a speech and how to add content. Finally, we will learn how to use our voice. 

In the end, students will give their presentation and get feedback.

Lesson#1: Introduction
Lesson#2: Storyteller
Lesson#3: Structure and Content
Lesson#4: Reaching the Audience
Lesson#5: The Power of Voice
Lesson#6: Final Presentation

What you can learn from this class

This class will greatly increase your public speaking skills and give you confidence to speak your ideas in front of other people.

My experience for the class

I have taught English for 5 years, and helped many students with their speaking skills.
相當於多益700分/全民英檢中高級,能以英文輕鬆地聊天,目標是進一步加強表達能力的學員。 完整分級說明請點此連結


根據北市府規定,學生於第二堂課上課前提出退費申請者,退還課程費用總額百分之七十。 完整說明請點此連結



The target of this class is to improve students' ability of public speaking. We had to do a final presentation at the last class. Before that, each student had chances to do practice presentations based on different Ted talks. Those Ted talks were not all good in terms of public speaking skills. However, they were all helpful since you could try to avoid the mistakes appeared in the bad ones. In order to do the practice presentations, we had to absorb the content of the Ted talks and turn into our own words. That process was really challenging. It was interesting to see all the practice presentations because I found everybody had different focus even though we all watched the same video. I felt that we learned from Alex of course and learned from our classmates as well. Alex was very patient and gave sincere comments. He not only told us which parts we could improve but also gave us compliments. At the end of the class, I found myself become less nervous speaking in front of classmates.

Every class was great. I had enough time expressing myself and discussing with other classmates... enjoyed the class! :)

I'm a return student because I feel like practicing English publicly again and again. Alex's class provides the opportunity to do that. Also, thanks for Alex's patience and kindness. I learned something new from my lovely classmates as well. Thank you all for being here, Vivian, Cody, Ed, Steve.

James Yu
Alex is a great instructor. I am gaining knowledge and tips to make my presentation better. We have ample of time to discuss openly for various topics. I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills.

This is probably my favorite class in MDT ever. Alex knows student's want and need, and is always ready to offer the most useful advices. In the end I find everyone in this class made a big progress. We truly learned a lot from each other. I love all our classmates' final presentations so much, each showing how much effort one had pour in, which fully demonstrate our own abilities and possibilities.

每個人都有至少2次機會針對Ted talk影片做簡報,另外還有期末報告,期末報告的主題不拘,可依照自己的興趣決定。課堂指定的Ted talk影片可以學到很多實用的簡報技巧,由於最後一堂課期末報告的主題是自己決定的,從資料蒐集整理、報告架構、投影片排版到最後上台做簡報,覺得簡報功力進步很多。同學們的報告也十分有趣,學到很多東西。

First of all, massive thanks for Alex' teaching way - patience, positive feedback and encouraging me to relax myself speaking on the stage. I appreciate his kindness and heartwarming quality, especially creating comfortable atmosphere to speak. Actually, I highly recommend those who want to share their ideas and practice public speaking fluently can take his course! More importantly, I hope I will have chance to attend his "Public Speaking" again because I always need second chance and spend more time improving myself. Ha Hopefully, see you soon! Eddie