Selling Yourself ─ Resume and Cover Letters


Chris 來自美國,任職於知名美商二十餘年,擔任技術領域主管職,長期派駐亞洲,專長是關係經營、營運管理、策略制訂。他說很高興能在MDT與大家分享自己的經驗。工作之餘,他喜歡戶外運動,最喜歡的電影是《死侍》、《末代武士》、《搶救雷恩大兵》。




  • 檢視你的目標、優點、缺點與發展機會
  • 建立簡短有力的自我介紹
  • 撰寫履歷表
  • 撰寫cover letters

Chris 來自美國,任職於知名美商二十餘年,擔任技術領域主管職,擁有非常豐富的職場經驗,是本課程不二人選。


  • 更加了解自己的競爭優勢
  • 更好地撰寫履歷表以取得理想工作機會
  • 增進商業英文能力




本課程適用【MDT 兩人團報九折優惠】


  1. 付款並完成報名
  2. 填寫本表單

MDT 將於十五個工作日內,將折扣金額退還至您的信用卡帳戶。


This course is designed to take each student through the process of understanding your goals, strengths and development areas.  We will then cover how to build your self introduction, strong resume, and powerful cover letters. 

There will be some homework after each class (as well as in-class practice) to ensure that each student finishes the course with a resume, self intro, and at least one cover letter.   


Lecture + practice in each class covering resumes, self intros, and cover letters.  Students can bring an existing resume / self intro if they have it, but it's not required.  We will follow this format:

Knowing Yourself
- Identifying and discussing each person's goals, strengths, passions, dislikes, and development areas

Self Introduction
- Creating your self-introduction that tells your story and is suitable for interviews or for social introductions

- Constructing a strong and well thought out resume that will help you interview well

Cover Letters
- creating powerful cover letters that will help you get noticed by your target companies

What you can learn from this class

Know themselves and skills better, how to create an interesting self introduction, a strong resume, and powerful cover letters.

My experience for the class

I have been managing people and organizations for more than 25 years. I have reviewed, revised, or helped write thousands of resumes. I have hired many people throughout the course of my career so I have a lot of experience seeing and evaluating resumes, self introductions, and cover letters.
相當於多益700分/全民英檢中高級,能以英文輕鬆地聊天,目標是進一步加強表達能力的學員。 完整分級說明請點此連結


根據北市府規定,學生於第二堂課上課前提出退費申請者,退還課程費用總額百分之七十。 完整說明請點此連結



Chris is very dedicated to the class, the construction of the class was clear and rigorous and can really help you with your resume and preparation of interview. Also Chris was kind and patient, will help you getting to know more about yourself and also help you extracting the traits that you can elaborate in your resume. Highly recommend if you're seeking for new opportunities or ready to get a new job, the class may offer you some whole new perspective of your career.

Ya Wen
Are you wanna working on resume and preparing for job interview ? You should choose this class! Chris will give you clear structure and build up your story. Also, he is going to share a wide range of useful tips and feedback to your questions.

Vivia Huang
Chris gave ideas linking oneself's life to the posotion/job from different perspectives, and try to make it as a whole picture to describe who you are. Chris always well prepared for class and kindly responded any question. Highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to make an impressive resume.

Very useful and helpful class.

Yu-Yu Lin
Who are you and who do you want to be are always important and fundamental questions to ask/answer when preparing a resume. Chris provides very helpful ideas to help understand yourself better so that you can express yourself with confidence naturally.

This course is very helpful and thanks very much for Chris' professional instruction.

Katie Lai

這是非常值得上的課,尤其是想要到國外闖闖工作的同學們;Chris 的課程準備非常充足,對於如何寫好一份履歷,充份且有系統的和大家解釋。 對從沒寫過或是不知道如何寫好履歷表的同學們非常推薦 👍🏻

I really enjoy the class and Chris provides useful advice to understand yourself then how to sell yourself. After the class, I have more pictures to build up my resume and cover letter.

En Ni
This course helps me know how to selling myself and learned the effectice way in resume and cover letter and Christ is a patient and passionate teacher who gave students useful advise.

Judy Chyou
Chris gave clear background and logic with "WHY" on knowing yourself. This course helps me learn much more about myself profoundly. Meanwhile, those lessons will practice again and again!

I really learned a lot from this course.

Lyra Ding
Chris is a passionate and patient teacher. He engaged every student in class with questions, examples and stories which were very helpful. It is a good introduction class for those who are not familar with the general concept of preparing CV and coverletter in English. However, I think six students in a class are too many to learn in this subject, and two-days class is too short for us to have time to practice. Since every student has different backgrounds and purposes for signing up for the class, I think it would be better to have one on one section in this class (or additional class) to focus on the area they would like to improve.

Joseph Wei-Chang Chen
Chris is quite informative and well-prepared for anything about walking through the fundamentals of job seeking and selling yourself. It's the course to guide you the element of being a candidate with self awareness.

I like the way the teacher teaches, it is interesting and if you have any questions don't be afraid of asking, the teacher is willing to answer. I think the course is not long enough, I mean just two times. What if change the course to 3 weeks and each week is 1.5 hour, maybe it will have more time to do an interview practice like real one.

Nuo-Pai Nobel Hsu
Very good course, learned the effective way and inspired the new thought for selling myself!

Sophia Su
This session helped me know myself better, learn how to organize an impressive self-introduction and resume. Very useful for career planning. Highly recommended for everyone who is or may seek for a new opportunity in the future.

Recommend to every people who confused about how to sell yourself. Chris is a teacher who is so kindly to guide class to share experience and tell everyone how to use the strengths to make your resume better! Every tips in class are useful, and also suggest who ready to sign up the class --- prepare your resume and take it to class(It may help you to check everything Chris suggested in class immediately). After this class, I think I know a litttle bit more about myself, and also got lots of idea to make my resume better. Thanks Chris : )

Coco Lu
Chris is a great teacher who can teach you more important information about the resume and self introduction.

Jeannie Shen
This lesson is really useful to someone who wants to make your resume better. I received lots of feedback and different ideas during the class. It would be more helpful if you can prepare your resume and self-introduction beforehand and bring them to the class.