NY Times 紐約時報討論課

NY Times Discussion with Max Carter

Max Carter

Max Carter 畢業自 University of North Carolina ,主修英美文學、輔修新聞,畢業後成為英文老師,至今累積兩年的教學經驗。教學之餘,他也是位行銷文案寫手,協助台灣公司將產品推廣海外。



選文範例,請參考:Cape Town 的乾旱危機 (NY Times)


  1. 老師帶領閱讀文章,並解釋較為困難的單字以及學員不理解的地方。
  2. 針對指定的問題進行討論,學員將能練習表達自己的想法。
  3. 過程中,老師將引導發言、補充單字,增加學員的學習成果。



  • 增進英文口說的自信與流暢度
  • 增進以英文討論各種議題的能力



In this class, we will explore various viewpoints on current events and hot topics around the world. Through discussion, students will expand upon their abilities to express opinions by learning the conflicting sides of pressing issues.

Students will learn to more confidently articulate ideas using English and learn to properly use new vocabulary. 


We will prepare for each class by reading an assigned article. Students will make notes, jot down any questions they might have, and highlight words they are unfamiliar with to begin the class discussion. 

We will then analyze the topic from different angles, put the article into context, and learn new vocabulary. 

There will be time to practice discussion through role-playing scenarios and activities/games. 

In some classes, there may be short writing exercises to help enforce new sentence patterns. 

What you can learn from this class

critical thinking skills, vocabulary, speaking, and writing.

My experience for the class

I have a degree in English Literature and Language and a minor in Journalism from the University of North Carolin at Asheville. I have worked for newspapers and edited for various companies in both Asia and the US. Currently, I work as a marketing content writer for a Taiwanese/American company.
相當於多益700分/全民英檢中高級,能以英文輕鬆地聊天,想加強討論能力者。 完整分級說明請點此連結



星期四 4 堂課共 $ 2200差 1 位開班
01/03 19:30-21:00
01/10 19:30-21:00
01/17 19:30-21:00
01/24 19:30-21:00
小樹松江南京 : 台北市松山區松江路131-1號3樓 (捷運松江南京站7號出口步行約5分鐘。)

星期二 3 堂課共 $ 1650
01/08 19:30-21:00
01/15 19:30-21:00
01/22 19:30-21:00
小樹松江南京 : 台北市松山區松江路131-1號3樓 (捷運松江南京站7號出口步行約5分鐘。)


Doris Kuo
Max is a great teacher to inspire our passion for a controversial topic.

jasmine jan

Max's course is awesome. An energetic teacher,.. brings us a lot of fun and laughter!