Culture and Society in the News: An Anthropologist's Guide to Current Events


Erich 畢業自名校 University of Wisconsin-Madison ,主修經濟學,畢業後旅居蘇格蘭多年,取得蘇格蘭格拉斯哥大學的社會學博士學位。除了學術領域以外,Erich 曾在蘇格蘭與台灣從事英語教學工作,累積了兩年的教學經驗。課餘他喜歡帶著心愛的狗到處散步,最喜歡的地方是大安森林公園。




老師 Erich 擁有扎實的學術訓練,將帶領學員增廣見聞、磨練思考與臨場表達能力。


  • 英文表達的細膩與精準
  • 增加社會議題相關的單字量
  • 增進獨立思考能力
  • 增進臨場表達能力



選文範例:Festivals can transform cities by making space for overlooked people and cultures (The Conversation)


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Anthropology is the study of human cultures and societies all over the world. By studying how groups of people live their lives, and how these behaviors have evolved over time, anthropologists try to help us understand what it means to be human by exploring the wide range of different human experiences. 

In this class, we will use an anthropological approach to look at current issues across the globe. We will try to not only learn about what is happening in the world, but develop a deeper understanding of "the world" as a place made up of many different human groups, and their many different cultures. We will look at how current events relate to topics such as politics, gender, personal identity, religion and other key social structures. 


Each week, I will introduce a main topic theme. This will include things like religion, politics, economics, gender, or the environment. I will then select an interesting and recent news article, podcast or short video that is related to this topic. Using my background in anthropology (master's and PhD), I will generate questions and discussion points based on this that will make for a fun, engaging conversation for all - no matter what your knowledge is of anthropology! Sometimes the language will be challenging, but I will explain how key terms/phrases are used in class to help improve English language skills. 

Sample article: Festivals can transform cities by making space for overlooked people and cultures


What you can learn from this class

Students will improve conversation English skills, build on their upper level vocabulary, and also learn key anthropological concepts while improving critical thinking skills

My experience for the class

I am an anthropologist with a PhD from the University of Glasgow, and have spent years researching and writing about social issues in Latin America and Europe. I also have 2.5 years of English teaching experience.
相當於多益700分/全民英檢中高級,能以英文輕鬆地聊天,目標是進一步加強表達能力的學員。 完整分級說明請點此連結


根據北市府規定,學生於第二堂課上課前提出退費申請者,退還課程費用總額百分之七十。 完整說明請點此連結


星期一 6 堂課共 $ 3600確定開班
09/23 19:00-20:30
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MDT 信義教室 : 台北市光復南路578號3樓 (捷運信義安和站5號出口步行約5分鐘。)


This class provides views from an anthropological perspective. Erich is an expert at asking good questions, allowing us to discuss numerous questions deeply. I will definitely join this class again if I am allowed to. Hight recommended!

人類學是學員普遍不熟悉的領域,每堂課Erich 會先簡潔有條理地解說與當週內容相關的背景知識,再進行深度的討論。上課時Erich 對學員的發言回應都很正面,並能針對發言內容做進一步演繹說明,讓學員學習到更能精準表達複雜想法的英文。 上完課只有一個心得:意猶未盡!

Wengin Hsu
I really enjoy this class. It's an Anthropology lesson 101 in English. We discuss current issues like minority majority, monogamy, and sharing economy through an anthropological approach. There are plenty of terminology, so it would be better to really go through the study materials in order to fully participate. In these classes Erich gave us a brief intro on three different types of Anthropology, and through our discussion he also showed us how to think and see from an Anthropological aspect. Our third class on sharing economy is really a blast! I'd recommend this class for people who want to learn English as well as critical thinking. Looking forward to more classes from Erich. 我非常喜歡這門課。在這堂英文的人類學基礎課程中,我們討論在部分地區少數弱勢族群成為多數的情形、一夫一妻制的由來與演變和共享經濟等當代議題。課程中有不少專有名詞,所以最好先讀過指定的課前材料比較好參與討論。在三堂課中,Erich簡單介紹了三種不同類型的人類學研究,也在討論時讓我們了解如何用人類學的角度來思考。第三堂討論共享經濟的課非常精彩!推薦想要學英文也喜歡批判思考的人來上課。期待Erich開的更多課程。