Marketing Strategy 101

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Confirmed B2 90 minutes 2-4 learners
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Marketing Strategy can make or break a product/ service in our highly competitive world. If you are interested in the ‘what" and the “how" of an effective marketing strategy while improving your Engli ...Read More

What you'll learn

Concepts and vocabulary associated with marketing strategy
Practice English speaking
Practice English presentation skills

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Deborah 來自加拿大,擁有 Master of Business Administration 碩士, Bachelor of English Literature 學士及專業教學證照 TEFL Level 5 advanced diploma, 並在T ...Read Full Bio

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Deborah's authenticity in interview practices and feedback has been invaluable. ... read more

12:59 Nov 04, 2023

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17:15 Aug 29, 2023

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Job Interview Training Course


15:30 Dec 12, 2023

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Effective CV and LinkedIn Profile Creation Course

透過課程瞭解外商HR如何篩選履歷,得到許多自己過去不曾想過的觀點。掌握訣竅、重新調整履歷架構及LinkedIn 內容,有任何求職、轉職的問題,老師都能提供實用的 ... read more

15:24 Dec 12, 2023

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Practical English for Business Meetings and Presentations

Really helpful and informal. You can truly improve the presetation skill throug ... read more

22:27 Mar 20, 2024

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Job Interview Training Course

This course has been extremely beneficial for job hunting. The interview questio ... read more

21:17 Mar 31, 2024

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This course will be conducted online via Zoom.

Level B2 Upper-intermediate

Understanding and fluently discussing familiar topics. For detailed information on levels, please click on the link.

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This course requires a minimum of 2 students to start and can accommodate a maximum of 4 students. If there are not enough students 24 hours before the course start time, the course will be canceled, and enrollment fees will be refunded.

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