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Recruiting B1 60 minutes 2-6 learners
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In this class, I will give practical tips and suggestions on how you can help your child(ren) learn English. I will focus on the context in Taiwan and allow time at the end for Q&A. I will share my ex ...Read More

What you'll learn

How to help your kids learn English.

Error Treatment

I will try to add some grammar tips and suggestions while we are discussing some of the topics.


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Elene van Sandwyk

Elene 來自南非,畢業自 University of Pretoria 擁有出版學與文學雙學士學位。畢業後從事教職,擁有五年以上教學經驗,曾任師資訓練一職,負責幫助新人老師提升授課品質。此前十年服務於媒體產業,曾任新創企業專案經理,負責行銷與文案撰寫。平常 ...Read Full Bio

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English Social

Elene is an excellent and patient teacher. She provides me with advice and guida ... read more

11:51 Jul 21, 2023

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Business 101: Writing Emails

Thanks for Elene's teaching step by step, especially debug (find mistakes in sen ... read more

22:02 Nov 20, 2019

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Abby Yeh

English Social

因為主題是跟人互動(社交),老師會提供各種互動情境(比方說如何跟陌生人開始對話;碰到不愉快的話題如何應對及轉換等等)舉例並讓學生練習,課程也有大量時間與同學對話 ... read more

00:29 Aug 24, 2023

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Chiaoting Chueh

Business 101: Writing Emails

Elene在英文書信撰寫的結構、常用句型、情境,以及英語使用者在信件撰寫回信上的思考方式都做了明確的說明,對於大部分的信件撰寫回應都非常有幫助;每堂課會以"英語 ... read more

09:13 Nov 25, 2019

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Proofreading to Improve Your English

老師編的教材內容豐富扎實,且講解詳細,針對同學們的提問也都用心回覆。本課程以老師講授為主,並輔以課堂練習和回家作業,雖非口說課,但想練習口說的學員都有發言的機會 ... read more

21:49 Aug 25, 2020

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Business 101: Writing Emails

It’s my first lesson in MDT. Elene offered many bothersome words, which improved ... read more

22:07 May 12, 2020

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This course will be conducted online via Zoom.

Level B1 Intermediate

For familiar topics, can describe experiences, events, and simple thoughts. For detailed information on levels, please click on the link.

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This course requires a minimum of 2 students to start and can accommodate a maximum of 6 students. If there are not enough students 24 hours before the course start time, the course will be canceled, and enrollment fees will be refunded.

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