Podcasts & Conversation Café with Cindy

Recruiting B2 75 minutes 2-4 learners
Course Description

Ever wanted to practice listening to more English podcasts? Join this class and learn to discuss a variety of topics. I love to use resources from TED talks, although it's not limited to it. There'll ...Read More

What you'll learn

-useful vocabulary
-transition words
-about new cultures
-a smoother way to express complex ideas
-something interesting and fun

Error Treatment

We learn through making mistakes! I correct students differently depending on the situation. It'll either be:

-the natural communicative approach without putting students on the spot
-towards the very end of class (if everyone can benefit from it)
-in text writing via message (private or public)


Early Bird Discount: The first 2 students gets 10% off to enroll in this course with an original price of NTD2250.


Teacher Headshot

Cindy 畢業自 The University of Texas at Austin,主修法語與阿拉伯語,對語言以及文化有深厚的素養。Cindy 對教學充滿熱情,於在學期間取得英語教學執照TESOL,此後便積極地從事教學工作,能夠指導英語、法語、阿語等語種, ...Read Full Bio

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Podcasts & Conversation Café with Cindy

Cindy 老師很親切 選用之課程主題是十分實用的人生知識 有很多說話機會

13:25 Jul 06, 2023

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Jasmine Chung

Podcasts & Conversation Café with Cindy


10:26 May 18, 2021

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Podcasts & Conversation Café with Cindy

Cindy is really good at creating a friendly environment for everyone to share th ... read more

22:24 Oct 03, 2022

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Emily Hung

Podcasts & Conversation Café with Cindy

Cindy is a competent and encouraging teacher. She is well-prepared and offers qu ... read more

21:26 Jun 20, 2023

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Podcasts & Conversation Café with Cindy


09:14 May 31, 2023

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Yang Huang

Podcasts & Conversation Café with Cindy

It's a class for ppl who wanna imrove their speaking skill. Teacher Cindy encour ... read more

21:25 Jun 20, 2023

Online Course

This course will be conducted online via Zoom.

Level B2 Upper-intermediate

Understanding and fluently discussing familiar topics. For detailed information on levels, please click on the link.

Class Size

This course requires a minimum of 2 students to start and can accommodate a maximum of 4 students. If there are not enough students 24 hours before the course start time, the course will be canceled, and enrollment fees will be refunded.

Refund Policy

You can cancel and refund this course up to 24 hours before its start time. For detailed information on our refund policy, please click on the link.

Course Attendance Policy

You must be 18 years old or above to enroll in this course.