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Jon 來自美國,擁有國際認可的教學執照TESOL,累計11年成人英語的教學經驗,尤其擅長英語口說與考試準備。Jon 喜歡旅行,曾去過65個國家,最喜歡的電影是1990年的《剪刀手愛德華》。


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English Conversation
Jon is a really nice teacher, there's no pressure in class, makes us willing to talk, and also corrects the grammar when we were talking, this is not only a relaxing class but many things to learn. (If I had the wrong grammar, please correct me lol)
10:23 Sep 01, 2022

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Trinity Lu

How To Trick A Foreigner Into Thinking You Are A Native Speaker (Upper-Intermediate Level)
Super amazing teacher I’d ever met ! Teacher Jon gave us a very safe and relax also fun learning zone. So we can easily speak out loud the English. In the course “How to trick foreigner into thinking you are a native speaker“ teacher told us many useful phrases and way to use them. Jon is really a hard working and full experiences teacher, we all love him so much, highly recommend you to choose any of his courses 👍
23:21 Dec 07, 2023

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Stella Lai

English Conversation
It’s an amazing English course that I really enjoyed it🤩
14:20 Nov 21, 2023

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Rona Tsai

How To Trick A Foreigner Into Thinking You Are A Native Speaker (Upper-Intermediate Level)
This class is both enjoyable and informal. Allowing students to practice conversation in a relax manner. Teacher Jon has keen sense of the class dynamic and brings humor to the class. Additionally, this class is well structured. In the beginning of each session, he provides examples for initiating conversation with and then he pays attention, guiding us how to speak more naturally. If you find yourself often replying with 'So so' or 'Fine' to 'How's going?', this is a class you must try!
22:07 Dec 06, 2023

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Business English Speaking / Writing / Listening(A)
Jon’s Business English (A) is one of my favorites in MDT, I learnt a lot in his class & already registered Business English (B) !
21:19 Jan 16, 2023

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English Conversation
Jon's teaching style is incredibly enjoyable, especially for individuals like me who struggle with speaking aloud, grammar, and proper collocations. He makes learning English so much fun. As a result, I believe I've become more in tune with native speaking.
11:03 Dec 24, 2023

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Eva Hsu

Article-based Conversation Course
Jon always prepares well for the class with different topics and abundant materials. Listening, reading and speaking practice, you can have them all in the class.Highly recommend to those who want to practice English and learn new things at the same time.
14:23 Jun 16, 2023

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Learn English Using Tarot Cards
這個主題真的有趣了 同時輕鬆歡樂學英文
17:36 Jul 02, 2023

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Jason Chen

Article-based Conversation Course
I have been signed this type of class up so many times. Definitely amazing class and Jon leading you to improve your verbal skills :) I am thrilled to be the learner in terms of this series.
13:32 Jun 16, 2023

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English Conversation
Jon has patience and humor during the class. He corrected our grammar, we have enough time to practice speaking and he always guide us to think and express more.
10:19 Jul 20, 2023

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Melody Yang

Food! Food! And More Food! Conversation Class
10:43 Jun 29, 2023

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English Conversation
11:27 Aug 29, 2023