How To Trick A Foreigner Into Thinking You Are A Native Speaker (Upper-Intermediate Level)

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Confirmed B2 75 minutes 2-6 learners
Course Description

This is a unique 3 week conversation course that will teach you how to speak English like a native speaker. This course is designed to help you become fluent in English in 3 weeks. Do you think that ...Read More

What you'll learn

After this course, foreigners will think you studied or lived in America for many years. You will be able to use specific phrases to trick foreigners into thinking you have been fluent in English your ...Read More

Error Treatment

During this class, the teacher will immediately correct grammar mistakes.

After the class, the teacher will write down all grammar mistakes made by students during class and provide the correct usage on a PDF for students to keep.


20:30 - 21:45, Tue, 11-21
20:30 - 21:45, Tue, 11-28
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Jon 來自美國,擁有國際認可的教學執照TESOL,累計11年成人英語的教學經驗,尤其擅長英語口說與考試準備。Jon 喜歡旅行,曾去過65個國家,最喜歡的電影是1990年的《剪刀手愛德華》。

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11:27 Aug 29, 2023

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22:27 Aug 30, 2023

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22:07 Aug 24, 2023

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Melody Yang

Food! Food! And More Food! Conversation Class


10:43 Jun 29, 2023

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This course will be conducted online via Zoom.

Level B2 Upper-intermediate

Understanding and fluently discussing familiar topics. For detailed information on levels, please click on the link.

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This course requires a minimum of 2 students to start and can accommodate a maximum of 6 students. If there are not enough students 24 hours before the course start time, the course will be canceled, and enrollment fees will be refunded.

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